Simple Tablet Stand

Introduction: Simple Tablet Stand

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After traveling on a plane with my tablet. I knew I wanted a tablet stand that had a few characteristics. First, the dock had to be small as to easily fit in my bag. The dock had to allow for an adjustable viewing angle. Last but not least, the dock had to be cheap.

I  bought a small C-clamp for $3 knowing I could clamp it onto the bezel of the tablet.  This would give me a way to stand up the tablet and moving the clamp up and down the bezel would adjust the viewing angle.  However, having no rubber padding was a concern. I chopped up an old koozie to make rubber grips to keep the clamp from sliding and to reduce the pressure applied. This worked but it was quite cumbersome to use and I thought I might end up cracking the screen if I clamped down too hard.

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Step 1: The Almighty Binder Clip

Then I had my eureka moment and it came with the almighty binder clip. I could clip it onto the side and run a pen through it. This was very easy to adjust up and down, very cheap, and easily transported. I decided to improve on the clip a little by wrapping a rubber band around the binder clip to help maintain grip. Otherwise due to the taper of the tablet, the clip might slide off. I now always have a tablet mount in my bag and it takes up no more room than a pen and binder clip and only costs a few cents.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea.good job.I might try using the grippy shelf Covering instead of rubber band just to see how that works too.genius.thanks for sharing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    OMG, this is so freaking AWSOME! This is like the smallest tablet stand out there and the smallest to boot. I have already made one and put it in my bag. Thanks for the great instructable Lavery Engineering.