Simple Terrarium

Intro: Simple Terrarium

How to make a simple Terrarium.

Step 1: Step One

Things you'll need, a glass (or non, whatever you prefer) container, potting soil, fish tank rocks, plant or seeds that you with to use. 

Step 2: Step Two

Fill the bottom of the container with fish tank rocks, then add water until the rocks are covered. 

Step 3: Step Three

Put potting soil on top of the fish rocks until your container is almost full.

Step 4: Step Four

Put your plant or seeds in the soil and spritz with a squirt bottle until the soil is softened. 
(Plants you could try are: 
Baby tears
African Violet
Creeping Fig)

Step 5: Step 5 (optional)

Decorate! Add small figurings, animals, houses or stones.
(I didn't decorate mine, because I wanted a more simple look for mine.)



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