Simple Test Dividers

Introduction: Simple Test Dividers

Hello fellow do-it-yourselfers! Sportschild1234 here with a new instructable with detailed steps on how to construct test dividers for any and every classroom setting, useful to all teachers, especially those who teach science and have lab tables instead of desks. These highly effective test dividers will prevent sneaky students from peeking at their neighbors papers, and will allow the teacher to see the students true capabilities, instead of their neighbors. Using very simple materials, these test dividers are cheap, quick, and easy to build, and will last for years of use.

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Step 1: Materials List

This Instructable will detail how to build one single test divider, so if you intend on building more than one, plan your materials accordingly.

You will need:

- Eight cardboard boxes all of the same-size

-Four 19" half-inch fitted PVC pipes

-Two half-inch fitted PVC cross joints

-Duct Tape

-Cardboard cutter or scissors

-PVC cutter


-Safety goggles and gloves


Step 2: The Cardboard Boxes

Begin by unfolding the cardboard boxes until they are flat, and then cut off all the flaps until you are left with just a rectangle of cardboard. Next use the duct tape to attach two rectangles of cardboard together.Continue this process until you have turned the eight individual cardboard rectangles into four pairs of cardboard rectangles attached with duct tape.

Step 3: The PVC Pipes

Step 4: The Cross Joints

Step 5: The PVC Pipe and the Cardboard Ply

Fasten the cut PVC pipe to the longer side of the cardboard ply using the duct tape, making sure to leave a half inch of the cardboard ply between the end of the PVC pipe and the hedge of the cardboard ply (Scroll over image).

Step 6: Assembly

By this point you should have four total cardboard plys each with a PVC pipe fastened to the bottom using duct tape, and two cross joints with a cross cut in each. Put one cross joint down, with the cut face up, and slide the PVC pipe on the bottom of the cardboard plys into the cross joint, until you have all four attached to the cross joint. Finally cap the top with the second cross joint, and there is your test divider.

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