Simple ThermoElectric Build

Introduction: Simple ThermoElectric Build

First we gather needed items.

I used a TEC1-12709 off ebay, but a TEC1-12715 puts out more power.

One fan from the Dollar Tree. One zip tie to hold it down.

Two heat sinks came from old TVs (in picture) or computers (in video).

Put the TEC between the two heat sinks.

Wire the TEC to the motor. If you are using two TECs like the picture connect one red off one TEC and one black off the second TEC to the motor. Connect the other red and black together. Electric tape should be used to prevent shorting. No tape is used here so we can see what is going on. The video below only used one TEC.

If you don't like the direction the fan is turning just swap the two wire on the motor.

Now you know how to build a small one, adding more TECs will add more voltage.

This could be used on a stove to more air around a room, or it can be used to recharge a cell phone in the woods, with the right set-up.

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    Just4Fun Media
    Just4Fun Media

    5 years ago

    A friend and I built this very efficient Thermoelectric Generator for $7.50.
    It can generate power from a temperature gradient of 5 degrees celsius or greater and can withstand up to 300 degrees celsius before shutting down.

    Please vote for our entry in the instructables contests!

    Have a great day!