Simple Thread Art for Kids

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Hi All,

Summer vacation is approaching in India, I thought to get some projects that helps kids build their skills and enjoy at the same time....

This project can be done by kids with adults supervision.. It is simple and can be done with items found in any home.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  1. Small wooden plank
  2. Thin Nails with smooth head
  3. Thread : with thickness and color of your choice
  4. Hammer

I recycled the wooden plank from an old wooden toy, threads from my wife's sewing kit, which she did not use for last 5 years

Step 2: Hammering Time

  • my Wooden plank was about 4" x4"
  • Start by drawing figure that you want to make
  • I wanted the Letter "G" for my son
  • Carefully hammer nails at distance of 5 to 6 mm


  • It is better to choose bigger plank for ease of work
  • Start from inside then outside..

Step 3: Thread Work

  • Start with the background first and then the letters
  • Use contracting colors to pop out the letter

Step 4: Options

These are few more designs that kids made

Hope you like them

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