Simple Tinkercad Moonscape

A very quick and simple way to make a 3d lunar landscape for models and children to play with.

Step 1: Your First Crater

  1. Create a block and change the measurements to 160x160x6mm.
  2. Add a sphere
  3. Grab the height and lower it until it's only a bit above the surface and creates a nice rounded mound
  4. Center a hole sphere on your crater hill

Step 2: Make More Craters

  1. Duplicate your original crater mound and hole sphere
  2. Spread them out all over the base
  3. Resize them for x & y so they are all different sizes

Step 3: Add Some Surface

  1. Under shape generators / all there is a rock mountain shape
  2. Add one and raise the base to be level with the top of our block
  3. lower the height to about 4 or 5 and stretch it out over the whole block

Step 4: Finish the Model

Last step is easy, hit ctrl A to select all of the objects and join them. From here you can print it out, or add other pieces to the model before printing.



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