Simple Tips for Small Room




Introduction: Simple Tips for Small Room

Here, usually students with minimal funds will be renting a small room measuring 2,5x3m for $ 27 / month. That's way, they need some Simple Tips for Small Room.

Step 1: Mattress

Use mattress floor to save the space and budget.

You can put your mattress on the side of wall when not in use. Hide the pillow behind the mattress. So you get more space to do other activities like ironing clothes or doing school projects.

Step 2: TV

Choose a flat and slim TV so you can hang it on the wall and save space.

Hope these tips useful for you. Thank you.



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    1 year ago

    I like the intention behind your suggestion. Seems obvious, but I've been in my space for two year and it hadn't occurred to me. The idea is like a 'Macgyver-ed' Murphy bed. I think for myself I will utilize bungee cords - don't want kitties getting ideas or trapped. Thanks! And get that landlord or lady to take some responsibility and kill the mold; keep the tv, but use university library for desks, computers and lamps. That's how I did it back in the day working and going to university.

    Step 3: Sell the TV and clean mold. If you really study i would suggest to get a desk and a lamp before a TV.

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    Nah, i don't own a TV for a good reason. Wouldn't sell locally make more sense for you? I don't know where you based at but i am right in the middle of europe, i guess shipping costs would be higher then the price of the TV. I would try to sell it on ebay.

    Use white vinegar to clean/kill mold. Better and cheaper than Lysol.

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    Yes, first remove the mildew and mould with bleach... then consider a full furniture option that easily removes the mattress and gives you more use of your space. I hope this works for you.

    • • Bedroom Bed & BookShelf.001.jpeg• • Bedroom Bed & BookShelf.002.jpeg• • Bedroom Bed & BookShelf.003.jpeg• • Bedroom Bed & BookShelf.004.jpeg
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    Love it! Thank you very much. Great idea, and I really appreciate it.

    But please take a note that student with minimum budget will prefer buy text book instead of buying furniture

    Not buy but build yourself from what ever you can find like USA students. Use used crates see crate furniture... very cheap... just need some tools, buy them together or ask to use and gang together to get a small business and sell them to make money... the old fashioned way EARN IT! College is good and I have gone there, however, the world is starving for people who just get it done... I hope you can get it done and show those around you what it means to be an entrepreneur... after all why are you going to school... the end results is a career or using your smarts to begin a business of your own NOT work for someone else while they make all the money... Les

    Thank you, please keep calm and "be nice". Its simple. If I don't need it, why I have to buy or make it? If I need it, I will buy or make it.

    What about buying a bookshelf and a mini desk instead of flat TV and a fee for HBO? What do you study, btw?

    TV was a gift.
    If you wanna give me bookshelf and or mini desk then I will be very happy :)

    Concerned about the mold in this room- especially sleeping on the floor. Please have that looked at- this is not a criticism- a concern.

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    Thank you for your attention. But with that minimal budget you can only rent a room like that.

    When will you be doing an instructable on
    how to get rid of mould from a mattress?

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