Simple Toroidal Coil Winder

I'm making available to any one, that whom feel interested the free plans and the video tutorial so any one can make this really handy toroid coil/ transformer winder.

I guess that at the time when I did the work and engineering for this very humble and handy machine. "Asking my self that question that perhaps millions of people have ask them self !There Have To Be A Better Way" Making Toroidal Coils, Chokes, & Transformers! Can make any one's hair get white in a minute or tow, it is painful, requires tons of attention, thankless work and making a mistake is incredibly easy, I even manage to design a voltage meter and a counter for the job. looking back I can say that it was something that I was needing desperately, I have to make two really large toroidal transformer ballasts for some camping lights "CFL's" compact fluorescent Lights, and the first one was so bad that I actually have to repeat the job two times by hand!. By the way I give credit to lasersaver on youtube for the circuit schematics, with out his support and help I would never have achieve my goal.

Drawings/Blue prints are available totally free of charge here: at the bottom are the two PDF printable documents that can be used to cut the wooden frame.

Also there is a full video tutorial its only 11 minutes, that will allow every one to see how easy to manufacture is this little machine, at the bottom "On the description I have made available access to my website so any one that lock the know how or the tooling, can get a hold of a few parts directly from me at my website. Where any and almost all part are available to assemble this little machine.Mac's Power

For any kind of mistakes I kindly request that it will be made known to me, this is my first time posting here, and just for looking and hopefully for all of your input and advice. Thanks in advance.


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Step 1:

Most people don't think about it but making sure that polarity is correct is important! other wise the switch regulator will go in to switch heaven!

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    To be honest I give credit to a "At the time a young man on U-tube" His channel name is [RWG research]. and he make this machine... larger than life... he used a 26" bike wheel to make a special toroid for one of his projects.. I did ask his permission to use the design.. and I literally make it in miniature.. the rest is history. Thanks for your comment and for watching.

    wally mallay

    Question 24 days ago

    oh hi id like to know if i can take some pictures of theses as my printer is not working right..
    or do yu give me the prints,tc. sure ill pay for it & your share of helping. it is very nice to
    have that kind cute machine !

    1 answer
    MarkGerardwally mallay

    Answer 19 days ago

    You feel free to take as many pictures as you need. best of luck with your project.

    I believe my version of "there has to be a better way.." went something like, " this is a ******* pain in the ***. "

    Nicely done Mr Gerard Sir!

    1 reply

    Well I believe that I have something very similar to your remark, but I think that these is a family friendly place and don't want to get burn in my first post using coarse language..but "Yeah... wen you screw up the first job that you have literally spend a hole week working at..the colorful language get splashed on the walls... and every where else, I know your pain in luxury of a detail.
    Thanks for watching.