Simple Toy Car



Introduction: Simple Toy Car


This toy car was originally created for the  Nerdy Derby.

In just a couple of steps, with just a few tools, you can turn just about any old block of wood into this fun durable toy.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools


You'll need a block of wood, it should be roughly toy car size

You'll need four wheels, I used these casters from Home Depot because I liked the look of them, but any casters will do.

And you'll need two bolts with nuts for axles.  The wheels you use will need to fit on the bolts and they need to be longer than your wood block is wide.


Drill Press

A big Fostner bit, the bit needs to be a bit bigger than the diameter of the wheels you're using.  I used 2" diam wheels, so I used a 2.25" diam Forstner bit.

Two regular drill bits.  The one should be just a bit bigger than the diameter of the bolt you're using and longer than your wood block is wide.  The other should be a small diameter (about 1/8") and longer than your wood block is wide.

A wrench

Step 2: Drill the Block of Wood

First you will need to remove the wheels from the caster housing.  Depending on the type of caster you use, this can be done with either a wrench or you may have to drill out the rivet holding it in place.  The casters I used could be taken apart with a wrench, it made things easier.

Using the wheel, mark with a pencil where on the wood block you would like them placed.  Mark the center of the wheel with a nail or screw.  The center of the wheel should have at least 1/4" of material below it.  Do this for only the two wheels on one side.

Warning: Only use a drill press if you are experienced and comfortable with it.  And always wear eye protection.

Using the smallest diamter drill bit in a drill press, drill all the way through the block of wood at the two points you marked.

Using the Forstner bit in the drill press, drill down the thickness of the wheels using the small diameter holes you drilled previously as center marks.  Flip the block, and then drill two more holes, again using the small diameter holes as center marks.

Use the remaining drill bit in the drill press, drill two through holes, again using the small diameter holes as center marks.

Make sure your wheels fit inside of the newly drilled wheel wells.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Put one wheel on the bolt, push it through the wooden block, put another wheel on the bolt, attach the nut, and tighten with a wrench.  Repeat these steps for the other set of wheels. 

Congratulations, you're done. 

You can leave the wooden block raw or paint it or do whatever, have fun with it.

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