Simple Urban-Outdoor Altoids Survival Kit!




Introduction: Simple Urban-Outdoor Altoids Survival Kit!

About: I like the outdoors, like camping and survival stuff. I also like sports :3

Yes, this is another altoids survival kit. But this one covers everything from first aid to fire starting to cooking to signalling to, you get the idea. So, do you want to see what to put in it? Yes you do.

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Step 1: Foil and Handkerchief

This step covers the foil and the handkerchief. The foil is used for signalling, and can also be used to boil water. You could also use to to make a reflector cooker. The handkerchief has multiple uses, you could wave it in the air to signal someone, you can wipe yer nose, stop bleeding, etc. Both are very useful, and can be folded up very small. My handkerchief is actually cut up to be smaller.

Step 2: First Aid

This slide will cover the first aid of the tin. I forgot to mention that all this stuff WILL fit in the tin. The giant band-aid can be useful for bigger injuries. I also include 5 tiny band-aids, 2 regular band-aids, a cleaning wipe, anti-biotic ointment, and medical tape. All of this is very useful for curing injuries, and can be put in a small space.

Step 3: Rubber Bands and Gum

The rubber bands have various uses. They can hold things together, you can flick them at people, and other things. I use them to hold the kerchief so it doesn't expand. The gum is mainly for moral and to stave off hunger. Gum can make a long plane trip better by helping make you not as nauseous, and it can be used to make you less hungry in survival situations. 

Step 4: Matches and Cotton Ball

The matches can be used to start fires. They are very small, so they can fit in tight spaces. I put in 5 of them. The cotton ball was mainly used because i needed to put something in the middle of the medical tape. It can be used to start fires, or stop bleeding.

Step 5: The Knife and the Earplugs

The knife has unlimited uses. It can be uses to shave some wood, stab someone, cut rope, etc. Extremely useful. The one in the picture is a junky one, and really isn't that good, so get a It is very small. The earplugs are also useful. Say, your stuck in a jungle with loud animals and can't get any sleep. What do you do? Earplugs. They can also be used as rope to tie something together.

Step 6: The Bag and the Money

The bag can be used to store water, cure hyperventilation, keep food fresh, blablabla. The money is very useful. You finally escape from the forbiden jungle, but alas, you don't have money to buy any food, and you starve to death. So, yea. I put in 5 dollars, but it doesn't really matter how much you put in.

Step 7: Packing It All In

So, here is the is how i packed it in. The first aid stuff goes on the bottom. I had problems with it not staying closed. So, i got a giant rubber band and closed it. Yup. Very useful. That's about it! Hope you liked it!

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    8 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great kit! Punkhead58 has some great suggestions. One thing I would recommend is trading out the $5 for a $20. I know I've been thankful that I have a backup $20 in my survival tin a few times! :) Keep up the good work!

    I've recently uploaded my own Altoids survival tin instructable if you'd like more ideas. :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    $100 is too big of a bill. Getting change for $100 is always a pain.

    I usually have the following:

    (1) $2.00 in quarters tapped together with a thin strip of duct tape (useful for vending machines and parking meters). This can be tucked into the corner of the tin, and is the perfect height to be pinched in place by the top and bottom of the tin.

    (2) 2 - $1.00 bills (for vending machines)

    (3) 2 - $20.00 bills (for emergency spending)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You're off to a great start. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to offer some suggestions.

    You focus mainly on first aide, which is good.

    I recommend getting a better quality knife, perhaps even one that locks. Leatherman, Victorinox and Spyderco make a ton of super-small folders and multitools.

    Next, you need a better firestarting method; I would never rely on a few matches, especially on a windy and rainy day; you can replace them with either a mini Bic lighter, or a small ferro rod. And, maybe throw in another cotton ball or two (wrap them in tape to compress them).

    And, since you have a plastic bag, you should add a couple of water purification tablets (I prefer Chlorine Dioxide).

    You should replace those earplugs with some waxed thread (for use as cordage, not sewing), and add a small business card wrapped with duct tape.

    And lastly, you need the necessities for signaling and navigation: a flat whistle, a micro flashlight, and a button compass.

    This all sounds like a lot, but you seem to have plenty of space to work with. If you want, you could take out that medical tape to free up room, the duct tape could substitute for it anyway.

    Thanks for sharing, and by the way, great photography!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I didn't realize i was focusing on first aid, but all the band-aid stuff can be smashed in really small. I actually saw a better small knife that had a mini flashlight on it, but i'm a bit short on moneys right now. I like all your suggestions. I can't believe i forgot about the purification tablets. I'm thinking about replacing the medical tape. The duct tape is a good idea. I'll try to get a mini lighter. I have a locking knife, but i usually have that on me anyways(not in the kit). What's the point of cotton balls anyway? I wasn't really sure. BTW, could flint work instead of a lighter?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Cotton balls are used as tinder. And, a flint could definitely start a fire, with the right tinder (i.e. cotton balls). Actually, that's why a lighter is such a valuable survival tool: it will start dozens and dozens of fires before it runs out of gas, and even after it does, the flint wheel can still be used to start more fires!