Simple Versatile Corner Clamps.

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I made couple simple corner clamps that can be used to clamp different sized parts to 90 degree angle.

Parts are weld together with plug welds.

Plug weld gives nicer looking, and also straighter result than welding parts from the edges.

Used surplus materials that i had.


3mm thick mild steel.

3mm x 30mm x 30mm L-profile. ( two 120mm long pieces / clamp )

M10 threaded rod, lenght 250mm

Three M10 bolt, washers and nylock screw.

3mm x 30mm flat bar. 160mm long piece.

10mm axle. (two 20mm long pieces / clamp)

Tools needed:


M10 Threading tap

10mm, 8mm and 9 or 9,2mm drill

Welding machine

Tool for cutting metal. ( Angle grinder, chop saw, jig saw... )

Way to bend metal.

Possible needed: F, or C- clamps, vise.

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Step 1: Plans


Part 1 is the base plate.

8mm holes are for plug welds.

Under the base plate i placed a support from 3mm x 30mm flat bar. Lenght 160mm. Holes for the plug welds. 20mm from the both ends and one in the middle. Made holes with 8mm drill.

Part 2 works as a hinge.

10mm hole is for mounting it to the base plate. M10 thread is for the threaded rod that tightens the clamp.

Part 3 goes as inside the "nose" and works as a swivel, it allows "nose" to tilt side to side.

Part 4 is the body of the "nose", Parts nro 5 are weld to part 4 from the edges, chamfer short edges before welding.

Part 6 is two pieces of 20mm long 10mm axle.

Weld one bolt the the end of the threaded rod. Shape it thinner, so that it fits inside the "nose".

After assembling and welding parts of the nose together, weld second nut to the threaded rod.

If threaded rod doesn't spin easily after welding, you can use power drill to force it to spin, and after a while its "machined" and spins smoothly.

Step 2: Finishing...

I smoothened all the welds with angle grinder.

Sanded plug welds to the surface level, and rounded welds in the "nose".

Finally painted parts with black and white spray paint. To get spotty finish, i sprayed last surfaces trough tight mesh.

Video shows the actual building process. Its little too difficult for me to try to explain it with my poor english skills.

Video link is here.

If you want to add handle for the clamp, instead of using drill.

It can made using same way that i used in this instructable.

For bending, i used my diy brake that can be seen from this instructable.

Thanks for checking this out.



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    1 year ago

    What program did you use to make the technical drawings? I have been looking for a decent technical drawing program. Nice job btw.

    3 replies

    I agree, great job!

    About simple software. I like paint.NET it is as simple as Microsoft paint and has some additional features. And it is free)


    Reply 1 year ago

    I agree!

    I use paint.NET with a number of plugins 95% of the time. If I need something more powerful, I switch to GIMP. But, GIMP always makes my head hurt trying to figure out what I need to do to get the work done.


    1 year ago

    It helps to start with decent corner clamps. Anyone contemplating such a purchase inspect the clamping faces for true 90 angles. I bought 4 clamps from that orange home improvement store some years ago, threw them in my toolbox and forgot about them. When I went to use them months later and too late to return I realized the clamping faces had an unexplainable 5-7 degree taper leaving the work angled inward as you clamped it. I had another pair of high quality us made clamps without this so it was obviously shoddy design by the chinese clonemaker.
    A few hours with a flat hand file and they were usable but never have really been straight. Live and learn.