Simple Virus Removal




Introduction: Simple Virus Removal

This is a simple tutorial on how to remove a very minor infection. If your computer is unusable and is having great difficulty afterwards I would recommend contacting professional services as the problem may be more robust. However if the machine just needs a quick and easy check, this is for you!

You will need the following before you get started.

  • Apple Quick time
  • 20 minutes of time physically present with the machine
  • An internet connection

Step 1: Getting Started!

  • To get started you will need to go to a website.
  • The name of the site is going to be
  • Once you reach the site you will notice there are a large amount of programs listed for various categories.
  • The category we want to look for is going to be called security.
  • Under this list you will notice a program called Malwarebytes.
  • To the left of the program there is a small check box.
  • Go ahead and left click on this box and then navigate to the bottom where a large green button states "Get installer".
  • I have included a few pictures as well as a video showing you how to navigate through the website.
  • Please note that you will need Apple's Quick Time video player to view the videos.

Step 2: Downloading and Installing the Program

  • At this point you will be redirected to the download page where you will get the installation file.
  • Once you click on the installation file that shows up in the lower left corner named Ninite Malwarebytes installation it will prompt you with a new window asking you to select yes or no for the installation to be allowed.
  • After this happens you will see a progress bar start stating that the program is download and installing.
  • Congratulations you have successfully installed the program!

Step 3: Running the Program

  • Now that you've successfully installed the program you will see an icon named Malwarebytes that will give you the same prompt required from the Ninite installation you did earlier. Go ahead and select yes to allow the program to open up.
  • After this you will see that new window shown in the picture. In the lower right corner you will see an option named "Scan Now", select this option to begin
  • Once the scan starts you will notice that it checks for updates before beginning. This is a normal step as the program needs the latest definitions, upon finishing it will begin the threat scan. Once this process starts kick back and relax as the computer scans. It may take 10 minutes or it could take 2 hours, results vary from computer to computer.

Step 4: Oh No You've Got Quite a Few Infections, Lets Remove Them!

  • So you've noticed that your computer has come back with a few items with a notification in the lower right hand corner. You will begin by making sure that all the items are placed in the quarantine box. If they aren't go ahead and select the quarantine all option in the lower left corner.
  • From here you will click the apply action button in the lower right corner.
  • You will receive a prompt requesting that you restart the computer, click yes to the prompt while the computer restarts.

Step 5: You're Clean!

At this point your machine should have rebooted into Windows. If you experience any quirks I still stand by my intro statement, take it to a professional. If it is running great then congratulations on your victory and enjoy a infection free computer!

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago

    uh this is not removing viruses...


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It depends on the depth of the infection. If it goes beyond this tutorial you would need to contact a professional service person. We provide the services at the company I work for but I would rather not turn this into a promotion for them.


    6 years ago

    nice instructable, but should be renamed to malwarebytes tutorial. Tried and true virus removal requires multiple utilities, especially if the computer will not boot to Windows.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    That is true, I usually start off with a boot cd and various other programs well after we are able to get Windows stable. This is for setting people up who have little to no experience and are unable to spend money for a simple repair.