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Introduction: Simple Wall Organizer Hanging Thing

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Finished shot first. Watch the tutorial video here

Step 1: Rough Out Pieces

I'm using baltic birch plywood (3/4") but you could use anything you'd like. Start off by cutting two pieces to your desired size. Leave them slightly over-sized at this point. I'm going for 18" x 54"

Step 2: Make Strips

Cut one of the boards into lots of strips. This will determine how far apart your groves are going to be. I'm making mine about 6"

Step 3: Tilt Your Blade

Set your blade to determine how angled you want your hangers to be. I'm going for 15* off of 90. Once you set it, lock it down and leave it.

Step 4: Make Parallelograms

cut an end off of each strip so that you're left with a series of parallelograms.

Step 5: Don't Get Mixed Up

Pay attention to the orientation during the step above so that you DON'T end up with a trapezoid.

Step 6: Assemble

I'm using a nailer to make the glue up go faster, but you could use glue and clamps, or screw from behind. Either way, what you do is laminate your top strip to the big board, then use a couple spacers (3/4" - off cuts from the same sheet) and set your next board. Work your way down the entire piece until it is totally covered.

Step 7: Clean It Up

At this point it should be too long, so here I'm just cutting the excess flush for a cleaner look.

Step 8: Make Shelves

Now we can start making our shelves and pegs. For the shelves I'm leaving the blade titled the same, just raising it up. Cut the piece vertical along your safe. You can see I made a jig that rides on my fence so I can keep my hands really far from the blade.

Step 9: If the Last Step Was Confusing

This pictures illustrates what you'll end up with after you cut the back off of the shelf.

Step 10: Make Pegs

I also cut a bunch of pegs of varying size. Thinner ones for things like keys, and thicker ones for back packs, jackets, etc...

Step 11: Sand, Paint (if You Want,) Hang

You can mount it to the wall however you like. I used a french cleat. I also painted a couple boards to make it slightly more interesting. Good luck! Check out the video (in first pic) it might explain things a little better.



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    Great work hope to see more stuff like this !

    Great to see you here Chris! Awesome project!

    Hey all - yup. I'm here! I had stumbled across instructables many times in the past, but never joined. I thought I'd give it a shot to see what it was like. Seems like a positive place with a audience that is more likely to try things out. I don't think all of my projects "fit the mold" but I figured this one did :)

    Fancy seeing you here on Instructables! *waves enthusiastically*

    Welcome to Instructables, Chris! Great to have you here!

    i need one of these

    You're on here now too! Happy day!

    These are great organizers, we have somthing similar in the kids room :)