Simple War Torn Movie Props

Introduction: Simple War Torn Movie Props

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Welcome to another geek overload......

As some of you can tell I'm very comfortable opening up about my inner geek lol

This Instructable will show you how with minimal effort and with bits found around the house I took my various Movie props and Cosplay items to the next level

Firstly would like to thank 'Monkeywork' for his awesome Instructable which helped me to get more from my homemade Captain America shield and paint job.

And if wanted see my 3D printed Mjolnir ( Thors Hammer ) Instructable too


That being said it made me think on doing my others as they needed a new look too, so took a massive risk and got to work.....


Step 1: You Will Need....

Firstly you will need your intended prop, for this I have used my homemade Marvel movie weapons......These being Captain Americas Shield, Ironmans Helmet and Thors hammer Mjolnir

But you can use this effect on anything from homemade items to even models, figures, suits of armor inc stormtroppers, Ironman etc..... you name it.

So back to it you will need ( most you should be able to find around the house as I did )

- Item you want to make battle hardened ( ive chosen Thor hammer, Caps Shield and Ironman Helmet )

- Black paint, any will do spray paint......even permanent marker if you want

- Silver and gold Pilot super colour markers £1.99 each from craft stores or failing that any silver or gold metallic paint

- An old ruler or cardboard bits

- Old rags or cloth

- various sandpaper

But you can use what you want, brushes, pens, spray paint airbrush all work to make a piece look work and battled up

Step 2: Adding the Silver and Details............

Before you start it is a good idea to cover an surfaces you dont want to get messy just in case......

Now I've used these Pilot pens for ages and I stand by them every time.......but silver or chrome paint will work just as well.

You can get them from most craft stores for around £1 each or £2-3 for both

They are great to use on cards, writing, stand out projects but iver found with the metallic ink they really catch the sun and shine so this makes them great for not only highlighting areas to look metallic but also perfect to give that deflected or scraped down to the metal look

plus if you push down on the tip you can get some of the ink out or spray some paint in a small area and use that to dip some rags and card in to use as scrape markings buy again either rubbing them on the piece or quickly streaking it across them. or as I found some paint on sandpaper and lightly rubbed in areas works a treat.

Ironman helmet I added some old plastic looking screw heads that with a dab of this ink over them look amazing and other marks to make it look like being taken down to the metal, this was the only one I used the gold on to give the red and gold a good scraping effect like you have seen if you have ever had someone mark your car in a car park lol

So it was a simple ink on rag or figure and highlight edges and rub areas to give this work look.

Thor Hammer This was what made such a difference to the hammer, I put some ink on my figure and just lightly rubber it along the edges to give it a metal block looking and in the odd corner and the odd streak to give it that hammered metal effect. I also gave the decoration on the hammer a quick rib in areas to give it that glowing and metallic shimmer in the sun

Caps Shield I pretty much used the same method for the ironman helmet for this, with the added difference of actually drawing in the odd grooves of my shield to again give it a metallic look and then with a cloth swipe outward on sections to make it look more marked up, For the larger bullet reflections I just dabbed a small amount of the ink on the shield and used my figure to again swipe in one and different directions

Step 3: Making a Start......BLACK PAINT

Now I made a start with the Black paint, but it is up to you which you do first.....

Now I need to say you don't need a lot!! A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!! and building up layers looks sooooo much better than just random blobs

I had some left over black car, but if needed Poundland shops do spray cans for well £1, Now I simply sprayed a small amount in the lid of the cap and got to work, each piece was different so what u need to do is lightly dip a piece of rag in the lid and then lightly drag it over your piece, not all over mind you just in the places you think it will look the spraying and marking as needed or wanted leaving time for it to dry between.

For the 3 pieces I did the following:

Captain Americas shield I worked from the centre out in quick and straight lines, adding just light bits here and there and the odd darker part in others (see pic) and thanks Monkeywork for the tip

Ironman's Helmet same as caps shield just in smaller areas, to give the effect he has taken a beating and gone trhough walls etc ( again see pics for the idea )

Thors hammer I did not do much on thors hammer as was pretty happy with the colour as is so just added very few minor marks

Step 4: Leave to Dry and ENJOY!!

Once done leave to dry and you are done and then free to show the spoils of war

Hope this helps and everyone likes, would really like to see peoples results go get posting

and once again thanks for reading

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4 years ago

If you search Captain Americas Shield on here you will find MonkeyWorks awesome tutorial that helped me


4 years ago

Made it dude from an old sledge