Simple Water Electrolysis System




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Collecting Hydrogen and Oxigen using only tap water, salt and two laptop charger

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Step 1: Take a Little Bowl

Take a little plastic bowl and fill with salt solution

Step 2: Take Two Big Screw

Using two big screw as electrode. One as Anode and one as Cathode

Step 3: Prepair the Power Supply

The electric flows must be Direct Current (DC) remember, must be DC, AC current won't work. I use two 24v DC Adapter from computer charger connected in serial to gain the voltage to 48v with the current flow about 6 amps.

Step 4: Make the Bubbler

Using water bottle

Step 5: Collecting Hydrogen and Oxigen

The Electrode with more bubble is Hydrogen . Choose what you want to collect and then flip the bubbler over the electrode

Step 6: Test

For Hydrogen: Using lighter to test. But remember : Pure Hydrogen is flamable, but Hydrogen with Oxigen is highly explosive, the amount of hydrogen and oxigen with the ratio of 2:1 in a big bottle can blow you up, so be careful

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    2 years ago

    Be careful with salt. Sodium chloride breaks down into sodium hydroxide and chlorine gas. Very dangerous stuff. Try baking soda instead, it's a lot safer.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    You just built a simple fuel cell. Using stainless steel from the electrodes yields the best of everything.


    Great tutorial. I always thought that it would be fun to make a hydrogen candle that runs on gas from electronisi.