Simple Wooden Skateboard

Introduction: Simple Wooden Skateboard

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Do You want a lightweight and portable device that can bring You from one place to another in a considerably small amount of time?
Are You an eco-green commuter who wants to astound your colleagues with an incredible piece of craftwork?
Or do You just wanna spend an evening between the smell of wood and the cranking noise of an electric hacksaw?

Either You said Yes or No to any of the questions below, You should then Check this Instructables!

Disclaimer #1
In hot weather my smartphone works very bad, so I would like to say sorry to You for my lack of photos of the process

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Step 1: Materials & Tools

We are going to build a skateboard, right?
So we will need:
[] An old Skateboard with good mechanics OR brand new trucks and wheels
[] Plywood 600*200*16 mm (L*H*T)
[] 4*50mm machine screws and bolts (Phillips' head) - 8 couples needed
[] 4mm washers - 8 needed
[] Masking tape
[] Any kind of wood color or stain of your choice (I used Old Walnut stain and brown/red shoe polish)

[] Drill with 4mm bits
[] Hacksaw (I personally used an electric Jigsaw)
[] Sandpaper (200 grit to correct rough imperfections, 500 or up for a nice and smooth finish)
[] Ruler and pencil

You can find the majority of these components at your local hardware store or online


Jokes apart, ALWAYS wear appropriate safety devices.
We are going to cut wood, so a pair of Safety goggles, gloves and a mask would be enough.

Also work in a well illuminated and areated area, far from flames and other dangerous enviroenment

Step 3: Find Inspiration

Take some time to surf the net and find inspiration: What shape will Your board have? How big would it be?
I personally found very useful this website

After You have had your epiphany, You can trace down or print the shape in your mind in full size

Step 4: Let's Cut

Now trace on the plywood the contour: try to follow the direction of the wood grain, and once You are satisfied with the shape you can start tu cut!
If You're using an electric hacksaw, You should add a martyr piece of wood under your piece to prevent the splintering of the piece itself

Step 5: Check

You should now check that everything is in place!
Try positioning the trucks on the center of the board and move them back and forth: expercts says that the front wheels should be on the first 1/3 of the board, while the back ones on the remaining 2/3.

When You are happy with your configuration, You can trace down the holes and then check the correct positioning with the ruler

Step 6: Positioning & Sanding

Now let's drill the holes!
I personally didn't use wood-bits, because they would splinter the back of the hole itself - I choosed the ones for metal, and was very satisfied with the result
You could try your bits on a piece of wood you don't use, and then make your choice!

Remember also to check if the truck-holes are aligned with the truck itself after every hole you make: This will let You correct your errors before committing them!

Then You should smooth the edges of the board with thick sandpaper, clean it with compressed air, and re-sand with thinner paper.

Step 7: Painting

Once You made all the holes and You are satisfied with the result, you should dismount everything and just work on the wooden board.
Trace down Your design with a pencil, and then cover the parts NOT to be colored with some masking tape

I personally choose some sort of vintage style: A dark brown area between two non-parallel thin lines in a lighter brown.

Tip: If You are using a stain and You want to give a vintage look, Don't use a brush to give the color - use an old
cloth! This will give a lighter and "rough" finish to your wood!
Tip: You don't want to spend all Your money into a 1kg jar of stain? Just use some shoe polish! Take an old cloth,
put in it a small amount of polish and then rub onto wood! Don't believe me? Check out those reddish lines -
these are made with shoe polish!

You could also use some skateboard grip tape to make a magnificient design!
It's your board: You make the rules!

Step 8: Final Touches

The back of the board deserves the same treatment as the top: unleash your fantasy and put Your mark on it!
I personally choose to paint a minimal logo, and let the time to draw something on the rest of it.

Now You can assemble the trucks and wheels, and be ready to roll!

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