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I had a small space to cover at the front yard and I decided to build a small fence with wood leftovers from previous projects.

Step 1: Building

2 metallic bases , 2 galvanized corner connections , 2 pieces of 4'x5'cm , 2 pieces of 1,5'cm x 4'cm and 2 4m pieces bought very cheap from the local market.
First I have build the frame using the thickest pieces and then I have nailed on it the smallest ones to create the trellis.
Then applied 3 layers of non toxic water based wood paint for protection against sun and rain.

Step 2: Installing

At first I have installed the metallic bases on the low wall , then , the frame and at the end in order to have a better stability one galvanized metallic corner on each side of the trellis.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    That is great but is only when you build a trellis you realise how much work goes into one!