Simple Xbox One to 360 "hack"




Introduction: Simple Xbox One to 360 "hack"

Just a simple way to connect an Xbox One to a Xbox 360. I personally like to play Fallout or Skyrim while I'm waiting on a new match to start.

For this to work you will need...
2 HDMI cords (One came with the xbox)
small hacksaw
And of course the consoles


Look at the component cord for the 360. It should have a little  plastic nub that when plugged in covers the HDMI port. That plastic nub has no function and is made of hollow plastic. We are going to need to saw this off. Carefully saw the nub off it doesn't take much.

Step 2: CORDS

Now the easy parts. Plug in the first HDMI cord into the port on the Xbox One that is labeled for cable. Take the other end and put it into the newly opened HDMI port n the 360. The second cord goes into the port on the one labeled for tv yes the other end of this cord does go to your tv.   


Turn on both of your Xboxes and say "XBOX GO TO TV". After a few seconds (sometimes a bit longer) it should play through your TV. If it says that the TV signal was lost or something of that nature use the HDMI cord that came with your Xbox One to link them together. That usually works. Sometimes you might have to jiggle the cord a bit. (DON"T TELL MICROSOFT THE SUPPORT TEAM FREAK OUT)



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    I don't need a better tv. I need a better headset. I wouldn't have gone through all this trouble if there wasn't a reason behind it. I needed the input cables still because that's how my headset gets the game sounds. I didn't want to shell out a decent amount of money trying to replace my headset that still works. I got my tv for 78$ yes it's not the best but it's fine for right now. If I get more HDMI devices I will purchase the multiple HDMI adapter which is once again cheaper than a new tv or headset. Surprisingly my tv has great picture quality and that's what matters most.

    Why go through the trouble of hacking off the nub when you can just use the HDMI out from the 360 into the One to begin with? What am I missing? Why would anyone use the component out on the 360 if they have HDMI as an option?

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    I have the component cable set up for my headset. I have an old Turtle Beach headset that used the component cables as a hook up. Also this way I can use my 360 without having the Xbox One on.

    Ah, I see now. Thanks for the clarification! I had read right over the part about needing the component for the headset.

    It's better that both have their own dedicated hdmi connection. Running the 360 through the xbox one means using more electricity as you have to have both on at the same time to work.

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    I'm aware it takes more electricity to run both at the same time. I don't have a cable box to plug in to my Xbox One. I figured that when I was waiting on finding games or something of that nature I would have a snapable option to keep me busy. I dont have both on all the time either usually it's one or the other. I still have the component connection for my 360 headset so I wanted to leave the ability to have both plugged in. My TV is also pretty low end so I only have one hdmi port so this works better for me.

    Let me ask you this, did you pay for the hdmi cables and if so how much?

    The reason I ask is that if you have $20 you can get an hdmi switch from newegg that would allow you to connect 3 devices up.

    One came with the Xbox and I had gotten the other was given to me when I bought my tv. Thank you for the info though if I get another device I will look into it. Thanks again for the input. :)

    Wow look at all my typos....that was supposed to read "and I had gotten the other when I bought my tv". I was typing on my phone and sometimes it auto corrects single letters into words. -_-

    I know most people don't use the component cable at all. I have a low end TV with one HDMI port. Having the component cable plugged in as well allows me to switch between the two on the TV menu easily. I also kept the component cable option for my headset. It is a really dated pair of Turtle Beaches that plug in using the component cables. I figured that other people might be in the same boat as me so I kept the option. you can skip the step if you wanted to.

    Buddy this isn't even revolutionary... Microsoft said it was possible to do this, or even hook up a PS4 this way, before the X1 was released. I have a buddy who constantly has his X360 hooked to the X1.

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    I know it really isn't all that special but I figured I would make one anyways. I honestly was interested in the giftcards they were giving away just for etering the contest.

    You really dont need the component cable at all.

    You really dont need the component cable at all.

    You really dont need the component cable at all.

    You could also hook up a ps3 or ps4 using this method. Basically anything that uses hdmi out(wii u anyone?)

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