Beet Root Curry



-Beet root with its rich deep pink color,flavour and with good iron content is very healthy.

-curry can be eaten with rice or chapati.


-Beet root

-sliced onions

-sliced green chillies

-mustard and cumin seeds

-coriander powder



-shredded coconut

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Step 1: Boil Beet Root

-cut beetroot in to small slices and steam in pressure cooker.

-you can also buy boiled beet roots if available.

Step 2: Preparation

-Take oil in vessel and add cumin,mustard seeds. when they splutter add turmeric, green chillies and sliced onions.

Step 3: Next Step

-Add steamed beet root and spices coriander powder,paprika.

Step 4: Add Shredded Coconut

-Finally add salt, shredded coconut and mix. Keep on stove with closed lid for 5 minutes.

-serve with rice

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