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Introduction: Simple and Quick French Toast

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For years, French toast has been a dominant food in the breakfast category. It is one of the easiest breakfast recipe people modify and experiment around to make new and more delicious recipes.

The French Toast, also known as Egg bread, or Bombay Toast, is a type of bread soaked in milk and beaten egg. Around the World, people have their own ways of making this amazing recipe. In this Instructable, I'll show you one of the methods to make a French Toast.

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Step 1: Ingredients Needed

For this simple recipe you'll need these things in your shopping cart :

  • Bread
  • Eggs (2)
  • Milk (250 ml. approx)
  • Cinnamon Powder (Optional)
  • Salt (1 Tsp)
  • Sugar (1 Tsp)

Step 2: Break & Beat the Eggs

Egg is one of the main ingredients in this recipe.

Break two eggs in a shallow bowl. Make sure to use a shallow dish because it makes it easy for you to dip the bread into the mix.

So break the eggs in the bowl, and beat it nicely till both the yolk and the egg white are mixed thoroughly.

Step 3: Add Milk

Now once the eggs are beaten thoroughly, add the milk into the dish.

Stir it well so that the milk blends well with the beaten eggs.

Step 4: Add the Spices

Once the eggs and the milk are blended properly, add 1 Teaspoons of cinnamon powder.

Cinnamon powder is an optional ingredient to give some extra flavor to the bread. Another optional ingredient to give a punch to the bread is to addvanilla flavor to the mixture. This will give an awesome taste.

Now add 1 Teaspoons each of salt and sugar to the mixture and stir it well. Make sure the salt and sugar are properly dissolved.

Step 5: Soak the Bread

Give the mixture one final stir and now it's time for the Bread to get soaked.

Take each slice of bread and dip it into the mixture. Leave it for a few seconds and turn it over and do the same so that the flavor reaches to the core of the bread.

Repeat this procedure for any number of breads you want and keep them aside. This helps the bread to soak in the flavor well.

Step 6: Toasting the Bread

As you allow the bread to soak in the mixture prepared earlier, heat up a pan to toast the bread. Once the pan is heated up, then apply butter to the pan surface. You can use unsalted butter for this purpose.

Now place each slice of Bread on the pan and let it stay on one side till it turns golden brown. Then flip it over and do the same thing.

If you don't have a pan, worry not. Because you can even do the same thing with a toaster or even a sandwich grill

Step 7: Serve Hot

Now transfer all the toasted bread on to a serving plate. You can serve the French Toast with various toppings such as honey, maple syrupetc.
You can serve it with a layer of fruit toppings to make it even more healthy.

Enjoy your French Toast your own way !!

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