Simple and Easy Timed Watering System

Introduction: Simple and Easy Timed Watering System

To keep my wife's flowers nicely damp is a hard task because we are not as much as we want in our home on the range.
When we get home for the weekend, the porch plants usually are all dried and dead.
But no effort is enough to please my sweetie, and I came up with a really cheap solution using easy to find items and no hard work at all, at last is it a leisure place or what?

Step 1: The Supplies

As simple as - PVC tubing 3/8 diameter, 3 ml syringes with needle, (or better yet just the needles) as much as you need, some nylon straps to keep things together, a cheap timer, an input electro valve recovered from an old washing machine and a power cord.
The tubing is a thin wall flexible PVC tubing or some other you find convenient, but that can be easily pierced by a siringe needle.
You may go as far as you want about the timer, let´s say a digital one or an internet remote controlled device to spit some water to your flowers. It is up to your need to impress your girl. I decided to go the easy (cheap) way.

Step 2: Put It Together

In my case, the flower pots are hanging from the porch beams and it gave me all the opportunities I needed  to fit the tubing to the whole path. I spent almost 30 meters of tubing to reach all the pots. I fit the tubing each 30 centimeters or so with a nylon strap, but avoiding to squeeze the tubing to keep the free water path.

Step 3: The Power Automation and Astro Space Computing Water Controlling Device

There's not too much to explain in setting a hose attached to the valve that is turned on from time to time by a simple timer.
Since all these parts can vary, you can find your own solutions based on what you have at hand.
The real tricks are the insertion of the needle and its fixup.
To open a watering point, just insert a needle pointing to the spot you want to water. Now keep going until you TOUCH the opposite internal side of the tubing with the needle tip BUT be careful to not pierce the other wall. This permits to adjust the needle position by altering the direction of the stream and the tip of the needle just touching the inner wall will keep it from moving away. Nothing that strong but quite effective. And you can always move it as you need. BUT remember - be careful not to go all the way trough or you wiil have no water coming out followed by a leak on both sides. We certainly do not want it.

Step 4:

Now go there and assure long lasting love and the "hero of the day" title. You can say it was your own idea.

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