Simple and Loud Paper Noise Popper...



Introduction: Simple and Loud Paper Noise Popper...

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You ever been bored in class, wondering what you can do to pass the time? Well, here's something that you can make (make sure to blame tommy though!) that'll keep you busy.

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Step 1: Materials.

As the title said, this is very simple. all you need is paper and fingers. Letter sized will do.

Step 2: Folding

First, fold it in half(First image). Make sure the bottom flap is sticking out a bit like in image 2. Now, flip the paper over, and fold it in half again (image 3). Your done!

Step 3: Holding

This my sound complicated, but its not. Hold the inner 2 flaps together, like in image 1. Then, pull those flaps up, and pin them with the outer 2 flaps. Check out what it should look like in picture 2. NOTE: Make sure the when your pinning the inner flaps, they are not stuck inbetween your fingers.

Step 4: Poping It.

Throw it down, but dont let go. This vid will give you an idea:


Step 5: Video Instructable

If you dont feel like reading you can just watch this video lesson:


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