Simple Bag for Laptop, Sportswear, Other



This is an manual  about how to   make efficient the back bag for  nature-based recreation and town walking. 

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Step 1: What You Need

1)      Piece of fabric 24,5 Х 34 inch.

2)      Piece of cord, or ,braid, or ribbon  218 inch. Long

3)      sewing machine or needle and thread

4)      scissors

5)      measuring tape

6)      pencil

7)      iron


Step 2: Pattern and Outline

Fold  the piece of fabric
Make the outlines similar  like pattern

Step 3: Cutting Out

1) Cut the edges
2) Cut the two bars
3)Cut the edges of bars on lines (0,5inch. cut out)

Step 4: Sewing

 1) Fold short edges of bars on lines and stitch
  2)Complete 4 edges
  3) Bend and press bars
  4)  Pin the bars cuts to the overhead edge from a right side
  5) Stitch the bars
  6) Cut off 2 pieces of cord ( 8 inch. long) for the loops of straps fastening 
  7) Sew together a bag a right side inward on a right side; to the bottom; to the left side
8)  Insert loops from a cord in lower right and left corners
  9) Unbend the sewn down bars, and fasten  finishing stitch from a right side

Step 5: Lacing

1)Lacing skip a cord through bars and loops like on photos
2)Bisect a remaining cord on 2 parts
3) Lace up the first part as on a photo
4)Lace up the second part similar from other side
5)When you pull at cords a bag must be closed

Step 6: Bag Is Complete


You can decorate the bag  by embroidery, or by a picture on fabric, or other

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