Simple Battery Indicator for Rc Cars or Trucks


Introduction: Simple Battery Indicator for Rc Cars or Trucks

A simple tutorial on how to monitor your rc battery and aslo know when you have left it turned on



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    Dude this is AWAOME I think u need to tell my friend how to do this to bro u rock

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    Its pretty easy, you have to buy the digital indicators first, they are pretty cheap, I think I might of gotten them off ebay, and attach the negative(black wire usually) to the ground on the RC and the red wire(+) to the proper switch leg, you can find out which one with testers to see which one works when the switch is on or off.

    Do you have the digital disly with 2 wires? You have to buy them first. I think this is where I got mine, you have to have these first.

    If I remember correctly you just hook the positive wire of the display to your postive battery wire where it comes out of the battery box and the negative wire to the middle post of your switch , there should be 3 post, let me know how you make out, all RC cars are different so there might not be 3 post. It's hard for to say without seeing the cars insides. Sorry.

    as you can see I am preety green, also there is one other mod I made that you can't see, let's see who figure's it out first

    When I play the video it says "Video is Private"
    Could you please make it public?