Simple Cell Phone Sound Amplifier




Introduction: Simple Cell Phone Sound Amplifier

In this instructable I am going to show you step by step how to make a simple sound amplifier for your cellphone.

This is my first instructable, so please write in the comments what I should/could improve.

I used very simple tools, so practically anyone can do this.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

For the making of this project you will need:

- Two plastic bottles.

- Whatever you want to decorate your amplifier with (colored tape).

- Hot glue and hot glue gun (you can also use a lighter to melt the hot-glue).

- Scissors.

- Alcohol.

- Marker.

- Knife or X-acto.

- Creativity.

- A safety inspector. I used my budgie, but you can also use a dog, a hamster, or even an elephant if you got one at home.

Step 2: Bottle Murder

To get started with the work take a marker and draw a line over both of the bottles' "T-shirt" and under the bottles' "T-shirt".

After the lines are done you cut (a.k.a murder) the bottle and trow away both of the bottles' upper parts and one of the middle parts so you stay with the parts on the picture.

PS: Remove the evidence (clean up the blood and hide the murder weapon)

Step 3: It´s All About the Middle

This step is only about the middle as the title says.

Now you will pick up your scissors and cut trough the middle of the bottle as the first picture shows.

Then stretch the middle of the bottle on the table and put hot glue (IMPORTANT:The hot glue can't be too hot because it will deform the plastic) on one end of the middle of the bottle and glue it into a tube shape that is smaller than the diameter of the bottle's bottom that you hopefully didn't throw to the garbage (I am not saying that you should trow plastic on the floor - you know it takes many many years to deteriorate). Clean up the blood.

Step 4: Cut the Poor Thing Again.

You will have to cut it again.

Take your scissors, reach inside of the plastic tube and cut the excess plastic off. Then make a cellphone shaped hole with a marker on the middle of the plastic tube and cut through the line like shown on the image. Clean up the blood.

Step 5: I Promise, This Is the Last Cut!

You are going to use the marker for the last time by holding the plastic tube against the side of the bottle bottom and drawing around the plastic tube. Then cut trough the lines. Repeat that process with the other bottle.

Step 6: Clean the Mess the Marker Made

Now take a piece of cotton or toilet paper, wet it in alcohol and clean the messy marker marks.

Step 7: Glue Everything Together

Hot glue the pieces together like in the image and let your budgie check if everything is alright.

Step 8: Decorate It As You Want

I made two more of these. As you can see in the picture, I decorated them with tape and paint.

I hope you liked the project!

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    9 Discussions


    5 years ago

    funny instructable. you could use superglue instead of the hot glue but its hard and will affect the sound quality. I used to put my phone in a cup and the glass ones always made a sharper sound while plastic and foam cups sounded... let's say more well rounded. unique idea.


    5 years ago

    Excellent write-up! Great idea, great presentation (including the humor!), and great writing skills!

    :-) Perfect Karl. That´s great. Respect. But, sorry, I´m unable to recreate that amplifier, because I have no Budgie-Quality-Manager an no stored blood. ;-) Greetings from Germany

    Jürgen (hope to see you this year)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sehr gut gemacht. Ich hab alles verstanden, obwohl ich zwei linke Hände habe. Die Erklärungen sind lustig und trotzdem verständlich. Prima Idee. Weiter so! ;-))


    5 years ago

    Good one liked it