Simple Easy Knex Shelf: Build to Any Shape and Size U Want!




This is to show u how to build a strong knex shelf. See the first pic!!!

It can be adapted to any size, and u can also make it stronger.

See u in step 1!

Step 1: Building the Frame

This is important.

The first pic is my frame shape. U can build ur frame any shape u want, but dont make it too tall, or it miaght fall over, unless u make it wider. also, the bigger u make it, the more pieces it will take.

Once u have ur frame shape, u have to determine how strong to make ur shelf. It will be one grey rod from front to back. i built the frame 8 times for the amout of strength i need. But, if ur going to put something heavy, like books, on the shelf, u may want to build more layers. u could build enough layers to fit the entire grey rod. This would make it completely solid.

However many layers u do build, u will need to put spacers in between each layer unless its solid. With 8 layers, u need 2 greys in between all layers except the last one, and one blue on the end.

Step 2: Finishing

Now, add the grey rods in on every spot where there is a hole, like in the middle of a white snowflake. add the spacers in between the layers unless it is solid. Now cap off the ends with grey connecters.

on the bottom 2 corners, front and back, attach a yellow connector with a white rod on it to the grey rods instead of a grey endpiece. This adds stability. See pic 2! If u built it tall and skinny, add some long rods onto the yellow pieces, going outwards.

All done! post mods, questions, and pictures of ur completed model to give others ideas!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    i made it to the size to have a laundry basket underneath, rc helicopters on top and they are realllllllllllllly YES I SAID REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY big, and the shelf goes to my cieling :D pics coming soon, IN 2015 A YOUNG BOY MAKES A MOVIE NAMED PICS AND ITS ONLY PICTURES SO I GU- *CUT, CUT THE COMMERCIAL*

    The JamalamDYLEGO

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i didn't see that until just now, to make someone know about a comment, click the reply button in the bottom right of the comment box. sadly, the tv stand is long gone

    The Jamalam

    10 years ago on Introduction

    quite cool, i made one to support a tv :P. It is still standing from an hour ago!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    yeah it can hold alot more than that. build it and push on the top and bottom with yuor hands to see how strong it can be!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like it would be fairly sturdy. (Btw I have that same stereo)