Simple Egg Farm on Minecraft Pe

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This instructable will show you how to make a simple minecraft pocket edition egg farm

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Step 1: Glass Walls

Build two glass walls like in pics.

Step 2: More Glass

build a glass column to the same hight as the walls

Step 3: More Glass

make the top higher and add some blocks inside.

Step 4: Water

Place water one block down from the top and then place a gate at the bottom.

Step 5: Testing and Chickens.

test it by falling into the top and once you have reached the bottom begins spawning chickens in the top and if you feel you need to build the glass up another block.

Step 6: EEGS!!!

Soon eggs should start reaching the bottom, to collect them just walk up to the gate and voila!

please follow me and I will do more minecraft stuff. thanks

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    9 Discussions

    Flame shadow

    3 years ago

    I once had a chicken farm quite similar to that,but the chickens didn't poop out any eggs so I was quite pooped (lol)

    Nail MickM

    3 years ago

    Making that thing turns me into a chicken killer

    el pueble0

    3 years ago

    hahaha nc 1

    thats cool


    3 years ago

    makes a good chiken killer