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Introduction: Simple Fabric Flower

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This simple flower is so easy, that  you can make it in your sleep. Yea if you have sleep craft syndrome. But anyways moving right along to the flower ible. Here is a few tips on how to make your flower look good.
* Use a fabric that will not fray
* DO NOT BURN YOURSELF WITH THE HOT GLUE GUN!!! ( it will not feel good)
*Each square does not have to be perfect, this flower looks better if their not in my opinion   

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Step 1: Measure & Cut

I cut a strip about 2 in by 14 in. Then just cut into about 2 in chunks. I say chunks because they are all uneven, and awkward.  I had about 8 squares.

Step 2: Pedal Time!!

After you cut the chunks its time to make pedals. Just place a dot of glue in the center of the square chunk. Then take the middle and pinch it until you have a tip. I like to twist mine while the glue dries so that i can get all the sides.  

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Take the tip of the pedal and start gluing it on the base fabric. I started at the corner and worked my way out. I needed more pedals so i just make more to fill the gaps.Keep in mind the more pedals you have the fuller the flower will be.

Step 4: Pretty Flower!!

Cut the lace ribbon into about 1cm bits. Take your flower and hot glue the bits anywhere you like. The more random the better. Then take a hair clip place a piece of fabric (the same size as the base) in between the clip, and hot glue the top. And place it on the base of the flower. And then your all done!!! 

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