Simple Greeting Card N° 2




Introduction: Simple Greeting Card N° 2

About: Hi, I'm Ellen, 24, living in Belgium and ever since I was little, I have enjoyed making greeting cards. If you have any questions regarding making greeting cards, feel free to contact me. Happy crafting! ...

Make a simple greeting card by using:

- a knife
- a cutting mat (or a piece of cardboard)
- punches (I used a flower punch)
- color cards from the paint store (one will do for this instructable)
- a paper card
- an extra, smaller piece of paper
- a nice sticker
- a sample piece of wallpaper (preferably with some sort of relief on it)
- glue or photostickers

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Step 1: Create the Frame

Cut out a frame which will fit the front of your card. Make sure you leave enough room on the sides because you'll have to add your flowers.

Use your punch to punch pieces off of the sides of your frame.

Then stick your frame on the card using a glue stick, double sided tape or photostickers (as used in the picture).

Step 2: Cut Out Flowers in Different Colors

Take your card with paint colors. To make things easier to glue the flowers to the card, you can stick a photosticker to the back of the color card. Then place the punch so that you'll have as much photosticker as possible. While holding the punch and card, turn around and punch out the flower. (You can try to punch out the flower while holding up the card, but it's quite tricky and painful when using thick paper like this.)

Then stick the flowers onto the card in such a way that they fill up the cut out flowers.

You can now stick your sticker in the center of the card.

Step 3: Extra Flowers at the Bottom of the Card

To fill up the last bit of empty space, you can punch some (bigger) flowers from a piece of sample wallpaper. Cut the flowers on the edge of the paper. That way you won't have to cut them.

Glue the flowers to the card. If you place a ruler under your card, it will be easier to stick the flowers right on the edge of the card.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    That looks really cute, good idea to use paint colour cards.