Simple Greeting Card N° 3




Introduction: Simple Greeting Card N° 3

About: Hi, I'm Ellen, 24, living in Belgium and ever since I was little, I have enjoyed making greeting cards. If you have any questions regarding making greeting cards, feel free to contact me. Happy crafting! ...

Use this instructable to create a simple greeting card using the following:

- a knife
- a cutting mat (or piece of cardboard)
- glue (regular glue stick, double sided tape, photostickers, ...)
- a ruler
- some small decorative stickers

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Step 1: Make the Base of the "photostrip"

To make the base of the photostrip, you'll need a strip of paper. I used a strip of sample color from a paint shop, but a simple piece of colored paper will do just fine.

To make the holes you'll need either a special border punch or a knife, a cutting mat or cardboard and some time. Because cutting them yourself might just take a little more time.

Step 2: Make the "photos"

Measure how much room you've got left between the two rows of holes and cut a square or rectangle from an extra piece of paper. You can use this to measure your "photos".

The first idea I had was to make a Christmas card with some old cards. But since I didn't have any, I decided to make a card with simply letters on it. You can also use some photos or other images instead.

I drew the letters on a piece of paper and used my previously made square to draw where to cut.

Once cut out, glue the "photos" on the "photostrip" and stick the strip to your card by applying glue to the entire strip and cutting off the excess.

Step 3: Add Some Decorative Stickers As a Finishing Touch

To fill up the empty corners and room on the card, you can add little stickers. You can use these to add some extra color to your card.

You can also try to experiment with what "photos" you're sticking to the "photostrip". E.g. recycled christmas cards, family pictures, vacation pictures, drawings, ...

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very cool idea. The result looks clean, professional, and modern! :D