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Introduction: Simple Greeting Card N° 4

About: Hi, I'm Ellen, 24, living in Belgium and ever since I was little, I have enjoyed making greeting cards. If you have any questions regarding making greeting cards, feel free to contact me. Happy crafting! ...

This instructable describes how to make a beautiful card using the very easy technique called "fancy folding" or "iris folding".

You'll need
- a card
- a knife
- a cutting mat or cardboard
- some tape or paper stickers
- paper with different prints on them (you can also use the insides of envelopes)
- a piece of paper to cover up the inside of your card
- some stickers for additional decoration

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Step 1: The Folding Pattern

To become the most beautiful result, you'll need a special pattern. You can either download the simple ones I've made (,,; right click or ctrl + click and "save as"), look for patterns on the world wide web, or make your own.

I used the mathematical drawing tool C.a.R;

To help you, I already made the ones from the pdf-files (,, Download these files and open them with the C.a.R. tool. You can then resize the entire shape by moving specified points.
If things aren't clear, feel free to let me know and I'll explain more in detail.

When you've found the right pattern, place your card with the hole in it over the pattern and tape the card down on the paper. Make sure to use tape which comes off easily. You don't want to damage your card.
If you're using regular tape, stick the tape on your clothes first. That way the tape won't stick so hard to your card.

If you don't have a card with a hole in it, cut the hole yourself.

Step 2: Cut the Paper and Create the First Circle of the Pattern

You'll need at least two kinds of paper with print on them. Use prints/colors that match. You can also use wrapping paper, the printed insides of an envelope, ...

Because in my example the pattern has five sides, I used three colors.

Cut your paper in strips and fold a little piece. Then stick the first strip onto the card covering one triangle of your pattern. Cut off the excess and tape down both sides with a little piece of paper sticker or tape. I prefer the paper sticker, since you'll need to glue a piece of paper to the back of the card and plastic tape might prevent the paper from sticking well.

Then, work your way around the pattern, each side switching your paper style.

Step 3: Work Your Way Around the Entire Pattern

Once you've worked your way around once, it's time for the second round. Just do the exact same thing you did for the first round. Just make sure you use the same paper on the same side of the card. Keep in mind that these patterns move a little bit, so be careful not to mix up your paper. (The patterns provided (except for the triangle) have colored sides. That way you won't mix up the colors.)

Step 4: Cover Up the Back of the Card

Now you'll need to fill up the hole in the middle of the card. Take a small piece of paper and stick it over the hole.
If you've cut the hole yourself, use the paper you cut out of your card earlier. If you're using so called passe-partout cards, you can use a second card of the same set. To cover up the hole, use a piece of the front. You can use the back later.

Now use some big paper stickers to stick the whole firmly together. To finish the back side of the card, glue a piece of card to the back. I used a second card from the same set of passe-partout cards.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

As a finishing touch, you can add a small sticker in the center of the folded piece. Add or write some wishes under the folded part and your card is finished.

Tip: to have more control over where exactly to put a sticker, stick it to the very tip of your knife. That way you can position the sticker over the card, and push down when you've found the right spot.

("Hartelijk gefeliciteerd" means "Congratulations" in Dutch)

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