Simple Harpoon Gun




An awesome harpoon gun made of a pvc pipe 2.5 feet, sock,two elastic excersize bands,a drill, two *zipties, and of course a broom handle.

*zipties work best but you could use some thing else

Step 1: Gather Materials

Gather all materials from intro

Step 2: Drilling

Drill two holes on both sides of the pole(big enough to stick your ziptie or other binder) at ONE end only so that you could stick a string through both holes then the other ( should be paralell)

Step 3: Setting Up Launcher

thread zipties through the two holes on the left side and then the right so you make loops then even out the two bands and stick the right ends of the bands through the right loop then tighten the ziptie then tie knots in the bands so they dont slip through then repeat on the other side when you are done you should have a tube with two sling shots on the end

Step 4: Sock

stick sock on the end so that the elastic bands dont break

Step 5: Broom Into Spear

saw off broom stick into a three foot section then sharpen one end
then file down the other end to make it flat

Step 6: Firing

1.lay sock flat on the not ziptie side so you dont break your bands
2. Stretch bands on top of the sock
3.put harpoon in front end
4. have friend stradle the front end with his arm
5. friend push down on the spear then you grab the back end of the spear (still with friend holding and then) it should still be covered with sock and rubber bands then pull back the spear with the rubber bands ontop of it then let go




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    10 years ago on Introduction

    make one of these using surgical rubbers, a speargun spear, and a dowel with a hole through the center that is a loose fit for the spear. find a way to make a cup that the spear fits in, and put it on the surgical rubber. now, that's a Hawaiian sling. Oh, and you're also only really supposed to use these underwater, specifically when scuba or free diving.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    hey cornholio22, did come up with this by yourself? that's cool. not bad for 14 year old. just a suggestion. instead of the zipties, you could consider using carabiners(clips like the ones you use for key chains, only stronger). you can get the really strong ones at the home depot for a couple of bucks each. it is also good because if you use a material for the sling that stays under pressure when you are not using it, you can remove from the harpoon gun so that it will last you a lot longer. again, cool Instructable. simple, yet awesome!

    10 year old+fire=yaay, the city's on fire!
    One time while burning a straw, some burning plastic got on my hand.
    That is not fun.

    Lt. Duct Tape

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Instead of excercise bands, i used an innertube from a bike tire and i DID kill the damnned squirrel


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is really just a variation of the Hawaiian spear, not really a harpoon... when i did my survival training i made one of these outta my boxer elastics and one of my shoelaces, but i still couldn't kill the damnned squirrel