Simple Laser Spirograph With Retro Looking Case

I always wanted a laser spirograph and the many Instructables on this site have helped me with this. The only thing missing for me in other Instructables: a nice enclosure.

I had all the parts already in stock and most items are recycled from old appliances.

An overview:

MDF (surplus from other projects)

varnish (surplus of another project)

three twelve volt fans (old computer)

two power adapters (broken radio (12volt) and Walkman (3V))

on / off switch (from old computer)

main power cable and socket (from old computer)

red laser (from broken level)

mirror (old copy-machine)

piece of glass (old copy-machine)


the only thing I've bought are three potentiometers with matching knobs (2,5 euros = 3,5 USD)

I started by making the laser spirograph itself 

The process is simple:

·         Glue the mirrors to the fans whit on one side a  thick piece of paper, this gives the angle.

·         Connect the negatives of the fans to the negative of the 12 volt adapter 

·         Connect the positives of each fan to the potentiometers, split the positive from the adapter in three and connect them to the potentiometer.

·         Connect the 3 volt adapter to the laser

Ones I had this lay out I made the measurements for the enclosure

On the rear side of the enclosure I made vent holes, for ventilation but also because it creates a retro look.

After putting everything together I varnished the enclosure whit dark wood varnish.

You can create a real wooden effect by the way that you varnish the first layer. (You will have to push the paint brush a little harder and make some slopes. )

Note: i made the mistake not to varnish the inside

The pictures of the laser in action aren’t that great because I couldn’t adjust the shutter speed of my camera.



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