Simple 'message in Mirror' Prank

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Here's a simple prank to scare the pants off of anyone who believes in ghosts, spirits and goblins haunting them by using simple household ingredients and supplies you probably have on hand!

Step 1: Get the Supplies

You will need

a paper cup

a cotton swab

denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol or rain-x anti-fog window treatment

While you are thinking about what dastardly message to write, clean the mirror well with vinegar and newspaper. Spray the vinegar on the mirror and wipe dry with the newsprint. The ink polishes the surface and doesn't leave any lint behind. You don't want any traces of your prank to show beforehand.

Put a tiny amount of the liquid of your choice in a small paper cup. I had denatured alcohol on hand but rubbing alcohol will work too. If you have rain-x anti fog, that will work too!

Dip the cotton swab in the liquid in the cup saturating it thoroughly. Twirl it against the side of the cup to rid of any excess liquid. You want it wet but not dripping.

Write your deviously thought out message in the mirror with the swab, reloading the liquid every word or as needed.

Leave to dry.

Step 2: Victim #1

When your unsuspecting victim is taking a nice hot shower, the steam will fog only the parts of the mirror that haven't been written on making your secret message supernaturally appear!

Sit back and wait to hear the blood curdling screams.


This can also be used to leave romantic sentiments for your lover on a special occasion, or draw a funny picture.




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    4 Discussions


    10 months ago on Step 2

    Why tho Why? I actually luv this idea! BTS ARMY!


    1 year ago

    would other things containing alcohol work, like anti-bacterial gels, mouth washes, dettol?


    1 year ago

    OR, you could write a love note to your wife. You don't HAVE to be evil.