Simple Motor Masco G6: Materials

Introduction: Simple Motor Masco G6: Materials


-x1 D-cell Battery

-x1 Magnet

-x2 Large paperclips

-x1 arm's length piece of copper magnet wire

-x1 rubberband

Tools: -x1 small piece of sandpaper

-x1 wire cutters

Step 1: Bending Both Paper Clips

Step 1: Bend Both paperclips

What you are going to do is take the inside loop of the paper clip and bend it back straight. Then you will fold back the upper loop to make the cradle. Do this to both of the paperclips!!!! and make sure they are both somewhat the same length.

Step 2: Magnet Wire

Step 2: Magnet wire

For this step you are going to take you arms length Magnet Wire and leave about a 2-3inch lead and start to wrap it around the D-Cell battery as many times and as tight as possible but remember to also leave another 2-3 inches at the end.

Step 3: Magnet Wire and Sandpiper

Step 3: Magnet wire and Sandpaper

Alright this step is pretty simple you are going to take your wrapped up magnet wire with the 2-3 inch leads on both sides. Now you are going to rub the sandpaper on both of the 2-3 inch leads but on one side you only want to scrape half of the red coating off and on the other lead you shave it completely. You will be able to feel the difference should be rougher texture. Make sure you don't scrub to much of it off. Should start to see a bronze color.

Step 4: Rubber Band and D-Cell Battery

Step 4:Rubber band and D-Cell battery

This step is very simple as well all you are going to do is take you rubber band and wrap it around your battery (long way) and you will notice that the rubber band is to loose to really keep anything tight between it and the battery. So you're just going to twist the rubber band and wrap it around the battery again to make it tighter so the paperclips will be able to stay tight and up straight.

Step 5: Attaching Paper Clips to Battery

Step 5: Attaching the paper clips to battery

This step is one of the easiest steps in this instructable you're going to slide the paper clips in on the positive side and negative side of the battery between the rubber band and battery to hold it in place make sure each paperclip is facing the same direction and they are somewhat the same height.

Step 6: What to Do With the Magnet?

Step 6: What to do with the Magnet?

What you are going to do is just simply place the magnet is the middle of the battery right in between the paperclips.

Step 7: Placing the Magnet Wire

Step 7: Placing the magnet wire

What you are simply going to do is just place your wire that should be coiled up with the two leads on both sides. Next just place the ends of the wire in both of the paper clips cradle that you made in the beginning. Now just give your coil a little flick and it should start turning if not read the troubleshoot below!. Make sure that you put the end of the magnet wire that only has half of the red coating on the positive end of the battery.

Step 8: Trouble Shooting 1

One problem you could have is maybe your magnet isn't strong enough so you could easily just put another one on top of each other. Another problem could be your battery is dead so you might just need a new battery.

Step 9: Trouble Shooting 2

This is a simple mistake you may have shaved off all of the coating on both leads of the coil so what you should have done is only shaved off half of the coating on one lead of the wire and on the other lead you shave it all off. And make sure you put the half shaved side on the positive side of the battery

Step 10: Trouble Shooting 3

Simple problem that isn't your fault maybe the battery is dead so you will just half to get a new one.

Step 11: Trouble Shooting 4

one problem could be with your coil if your leads arn't centered in the middle of the coil so that could be a huge problem you want your leads to be centered and holding the coil together tight

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