Simple Mouse Prank

Introduction: Simple Mouse Prank

This is my first instructable, and the trick is pretty old, but anyways...

A good prank to pull on your co-workers, teachers, relatives, and for all ages, too!
It only takes about 30 seconds.

Post-it or any tape that's opaque
The victim's mouse (computer laser mouse)
Scissors (optional)

WARNING: DO NOT DO THIS PRANK IF YOU GET PAPERCUTS TOO EASILY.  Well, maybe not, but, be careful, although it doesn't require much effort.

Step 1: Writing on the Post-it/Tape

Write "April Fools!" or anything you want to write on the Post-it, like "PWNED!" or anything to tell the person that they've been pranked.

Step 2: Sticking Post-it on Mouse

Stick the Post-it on the bottom of the mouse, covering the laser.

If the Post-it is too big, trim it so it isn't visible when the mouse is flipped over.

Step 3: Flip It Over!

Flip the mouse over. The Post-it shouldn't be seen, if you can see it read Step 2 again, carefully.

Step 4: You Are Done!

Now, when the victim tries to use the mouse, he/she can't, because the Post-it is covering the laser.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoyed my first instructable!



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    10 Discussions

    I love the simplicity of this. The more technically-minded the victim is, the funnier it is when they inevitably fall for it!

    I think I heard this done at one of the offices of SUN over 30 years ago.
    Another good one is to set the settings of the pc to 'left handed mouse' - it swaps the left and right buttons. Great fun!

    a better idea is to unplug it, then stick a bit of electrical tape inside the male USB port, blocking the contacts.

    If you want to go a bit further (and have a standard dell or likewise optical usb mouse), use a standard philip's-head screwdriver, find the single(usually) hole on the bottom, and remove the screw from the casing. Pull the top cover off (careful of the scroll wheel falling out) and look at the wires inside. The main wire should split into five and connect to the circuit board. Pull this out. (Don't worry, it can easily be put back in.) Re-assemble the mouse, and put a sticky-note on the bottom saying "Not that easy!" or something similar.
    When they check the back of the comp, put another one that says, "Try again!" :D

    April fools = <3

    sounds cool the only problem is i only have laptops in m house

    a classicer but its more funny to  take a very small part of tape and do it in the lens

     I don't know about you, but if my mouse didn't work immediately the first thing I would do is turn it over and check the bottom.

    a classic.  i prefer to use tape and only partially cover the opening so the mouse kinda works.  if the mouse doesn't work at all, the user will instantly look at the bottom. if it kinda works, they may continue to use it and get more frustrated.

    I have seen this done many times, and have done it a few times myself! Definitely a classic!