Simple Pallet Piece Wall Flower Beer Vase

Introduction: Simple Pallet Piece Wall Flower Beer Vase

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This is a very very very simple wall decor that came to my mind this afternoon and as I went to the world of DYI recently, I had the idea of sharing. Unfortunately, I did not took much pictures along the process, however this is quite intuitive and very simple to do.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

The materials you'll need, or that I used for this:

- piece of pallet (those with 1 inch in the middle of the thing)

- screwdriver

- screw

- a 2 to 3 inch metal clamp

- glass of beer (i picked SOL... but you can use your favorite)

- cotton wire

- sand paper

- drill (not in the picture)

Step 2:

Here is the description of what I did:

1st - cut the glass - there is a lot of instructables on how to make that cut using the cotton wire, some fuel and water - as simple as is;

2nd - open wide the clamp, drill a small hole in the right middle, not in the spaces that will go thru the built-in device;

3rd - screw the clamp to the piece of pallet;

4th - attach the clamp end to the built-in screw and start to screw down. when it is close to the size of the bottle, put the bottle in, an GENTLY screw. Once the bottle is firm, that will not slide down, it's ok. Too much pressure break it;

5th - Put a screw in the wall, measure its head, make a hole in the back of the pallet piece and attach to the wall. Beware not to go thru the pallet... the hole can reach like the middle of the piece, as seen on the second picture;

6th - fill in with little stone... put a plant... voil√°!

I suggest to use expanded clay and a small flower, which I don't have at this moment. Once done, I update this entry. Easy on water, as there is no hole in the bottle bottom, keep the humidity but do not leave water in the bottom or it will rot the root of the plant. =P

Hope you enjoy!!!!


Step 3:

That's it for the shrimps!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project! I like the clever use of the bottle as a planter! I don't think I've ever seen that before.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi seamster! Thanks!

    It looks, in my opinion, rustic, industrial and charming (with the correct flower in a near future)... I still intend to use some finish and get a nice colorful flower and make it bigger with 2 or 3 bottles!