Simple Portable Table

Introduction: Simple Portable Table

Some times you may think of making something to ease your life. Yes, I am saying to make a table. If your room is small, why you will shrink the valuable space by a heavy fixed table? Think a portable table, which is light weight, easy to fit within less than a minute, can be placed any where in your room or out door? When you do not need a table, just keep it in a corner side, it will take a space not more than a book! More over, it's design is so simple that any one can make it. Cost? Less than $10!

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Step 1: Components of the Table

Lets see the parts:

  1. The top of the table

  2. The legs of the table

Legs of the table:

The top of the table stands on two sets of legs in each side of the table.

Look at the picture. Each set is made of one “H” shaped and one inverted “U” shaped wooden pillar.

They are attached by two hinges, supported in position by two hooks. Look at the position of the hinge in figure. Make two separate sets.

Making the legs:

Measurement for legs: (To make a folding table of 3 feet by 1.5 feet, as mine)

(1 by 1.5 by 34)inch wood pieces – 8 pieces

(1*1.5*16)inch wood pieces – 2 pieces

(o.5*0.5*18)inch wood pieces – 2 pieces

Hinge- 4 pieces

Hooks- 4 pieces

Look closely the pictures, I think you would understand how to make it...simple!

Step 2: Making the Top

Making the top:

My top of the table is 3 feet by 1.5 feet. I made it by joining 3 separate pieces of wood which was in my hand. The measurement of the top is (36*18*0.5)inch. You can make your own size, the basic idea is same.

Look at the bottom of the table. Here are some tricks. You have to create a grove for the lodgment of the legs here. I used two wooden pieces one is (1*2*18)inch, another is (1*1*15)inch. This should be duplicated in another side of the table's top.

Step 3: Painting

Now your table is ready for the first time trial. If little adjustment is required, do it. Then paint the table with your fabourate colour. I choose white for myself.

It is almost finished!!

Place the sets of legs in the palce where you need a table for a while. Put the top over the legs. Insert the bar or the leg into the grove of the top.

See how it looks!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    nice. mom said -you have no work! but i know it's your creativity.