Simple Preventive System.

Introduction: Simple Preventive System.

If a switch has turned off, It is not working.

But the switch is turned on and catch the movements by PIR sensor, WIZwiki-W7500 will send the results to the IFTTT. IFTTT can use defined notification applicaton at "That" Function. Then IFTTT can send information about sensored result to user.

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Step 1: Schematic

The PIR module can be operated in 5V. you can just connect VCC, GND then Data pin to D8 on WIZwiki-W7500 board.

To connect the Analog pin with the switch. The reason is that recycling existing the shield board.

Step 2: Parts

* WIZwiki-W7500: mbed enabled, Hardwired TCP/IP platform, It can send query to IFTTT when the movements was caught.

* PIR sensor: HC-SR501 motion sensor, detect the motion.

* Switch: ON/OFF function.

* Pushover(Andriod Notification Application): To send notofication to your cellular phone. Pushover used instead of the Android notifications of the number of Actions.

Step 3: Used Library

Basically this project were made in mbed compiler.


* HTTP server information like IP and port is contained within IFTTT library. you can send GET and POST Query easily. *

2. WIZnetInterface

* It can use Ethernet Interface with WIZwiki-W7500


3. mbed

* mbed library for using mbed platform


Step 4: How to Make It


* After sign in IFTTT. to make the maker channel.

* Create the recipe in My Recipes.

* Select the 'maker' at This function. Then To select a 'receive a web request'.

* Select the pushover at That function. Then to select a 'send a notification'.

* Type the message and URL in the Action Field.

* my maker channel:

* In the above link, you can just add the recipe easily.

* (Note: After make the maker channel you have to copy the Secret key from IFTTT.)

2. Hardware

* Wire the PIR Sensor's Data pin to D8 on WIZwiki-W7500.

* To connect the Analog 0 pin (A0) with the switch.

3. Source code

* Source code:

* For using the WIZnetInterface in mbed. you can read following link below.(korean)


* Write the Event name and Secret Key.

* When specific event is triggered. WIZwiki-W7500 excute ifttt.triger() function. it can send Query with ifttt.addIngredients() function's saved value.

4. Android Application

* The Pushover application was installed your Cellular phone.

Step 5: Results.

Step 6: References

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