Simple, Quick Paint Drying Rack




Introduction: Simple, Quick Paint Drying Rack

I needed something small to spray paint some small parts on that would not allow them to stick to the table I was working on, forcing profane oaths from my mouth. Here is my solution.

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Step 1: First Layout Your Grid

I found the piece of shelving in my shop and couldnt remember what it went to, so it goes to this project. It was a piece of particle board covered in paper that looked like wood grain. This was from some sort of ultra cheap furniture, no big loss if I figure out where it goes. I used a drywall square and pen to layout a 1"x1" grid on the board allowing some room on the two edges for clamps, should I need to clamp t to something. Honestly I just layed out the grid until the square wouldnt fit then called the undone section "clamp space."

Step 2: Sink Some Screws

My board was about a 1/2 inch so I would have about 1 1/2 inches of screws outside of the board. Why not nails you ask? I didnt feel like swinging a hammer. But the particle board wouldnt handle nails, not this close, it would have given up and disentagrated. I put six screws in the edges of the board to support the board as put the other screws in, so i didnt end up screwing 100 screws in to this board and the work surface below it, I would have never gotten it lose.

Step 3: Sink Some More Screws

At the corners of every grid add another screw, and another , and another, you get the point. This part of the build was really boring until my piece of worthless junk cordless died, I think the battery is shot. Well time to pull out the old standby, my old brace. This 60 year old brace never lets me down. It works great every time I use it and I have yet to need to replace the batteries. Needless to say the brace saved the day, whoa that rhymed.

Step 4: Finally Done

I may not have needed to change the battery but I did work up a sweat with the last 60 or so screws. After all of the screws where in place it is ready to go. Now you have a nice little place that is portable to paint on. I hope yall enjoy, Thanks.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This just gave me a fantastic idea. I have a grid laid out similar on my bench. 1"x1" if I send 2" or 3" screws through the intersections up from the bottom I will have a custom paint surface so I can paint more than 1 side at a time... Thanks for the post and the idea!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I thought about having a dedicated spot on a bench for painting but i dont do enough of it and i was a little daunted by having all of these screws pointed up at me all the time. Please be careful. Thanks for viewing my instructable.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    I have a old gear driven drill / driver in this fashion. Everyone makes fun of it, but it works everytime, All the time.


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 3

    Honestly i think that my old brace is just as fast as a cordless if you include charge time and cussing because the batteries are dead. I think the big tool companies, who want us to buy their tools, overlook these wonderful devices because they cant sell more stuff with them. Thanks for looking at my instructable.