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Introduction: Simple LED Room Decorator

Hello, I am Divyang Shah.
I am going to show you a simple room LED decorator.
It is very simple and Easy and Cheap. in India led costs only 2 Rs.. per 3 LEDs So i like to make different items from glowing LEDs. it is basis on a simple light spread law.
one thing you have to fit in your mind that, never walk on my idea. i mean to say is that just copy it in your mind how it works and etc etc etc. but try to do something new on it. then I ll proud you and my own.

*sorry for two things:- (1) My bad qualities images.
(2) My Bad English.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

OK so you will need these Things.
1) Old Nokia Mobile Charger.
2) Copper Cables.
3) LEDs. (i used blue LEDs)
4) 1.18 gauge in india or heavy Fat copper wire.
5) Resistor. here 470-510 ohms will OK with Nokia mobile charger.
6) Soldering iron and solder.
7) Duct or simple Tape.

Step 2: How to Make It ?

So here is the layout for making it.
Firstly take a old nokia phone charger. it will nearly 5-8 volts.
As shown in picture, cut the end which is inserts in phone i mean charging pin remove it.
If the charger is original so the white wire of charger will be +, otherwise find out with the help of LED and a resistor.
After finding out solder the resistor on + positive wire of charger.
now make 2 Rings of heavy copper wire ( which is usually used in Air Cond. cabling.)

but keep one thing remind that make 2nd rind little small then 1st they will not touch together, and there will be not circuit will be short.

OK now take out that charger. and continue cabling from resistor. attach both of wire to the both rings.
so the ring will work as (+,-) for your LEDs. attach the LEDs to ring. but make sure of polarity. because it will not start without proper polls. that you already knows. but put a insulator like duct tape between LED's pin. because the open pins will cause short circuit.
when you satisfied with your project stick it on wall with duct or simple tape. and test it.

here for save money and time i have used only one resistor. You can attach resistors to every LEDs and you can give direct chrger current. you can make it in not only round but square and star design i mean every different texture will suit it. and that will be better it you attach square position behind your photo frame.

this is very simple and small. please comment me.

Simple and dashing is my motto.

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    6 Discussions


    10 years ago on Step 2

    great work. thank you for putting it up. i have a question: is there a certain amount of LEDs that can be put on? how many is too much?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I like this idea, I use old chargers for LED projects as well, they are great power sources, your design is very cool, simple layout with a very cool effect, think I may have to make one of these to my run off my stepper motor windmill thats in the back yard, it runs some blinking leds in the house but my wife hates the blinking and I think she would love something like this on the wall. Thanks for the ideas on some new led projects.