Simple Rubberband Machine Gun

Introduction: Simple Rubberband Machine Gun

About: I have been building since I was 4 and growing plants since I was 5.

You want to build a rubberband gun but you want a automatic one? Well this gun is 100% wood and screws that took me an hour to build. Try it and have fun.\

NOTE: I am not responsible for any harm done by this gun.

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Step 1: Supplys

small sheet of plywood
thiner sheet of any wood
4 screws big enough to go through 2 thin pieces and the sheet of plywood
jig saw or scroll saw
any bits or drivers needed

Step 2: First Part

Cut the print out out of the sheet of plywood. This can be made to any lengh that fits you. Make sure its the thinner sheet.

Step 3: Side Pannels

Cut 2 strips from the thicker piece of plywood that are 16'' wide and 1'' high. Do not drill any holes yet. You can make your own stock with the thicker piecee of wood. It can be any lengh you want it to be.

Step 4: Front Part

Now, Make the front. It is a 5in x 4in piece of wood. Cut it out and drill a hole for a dowl that is 1/4 of an inch deep on the upper front piece. After you drilled the hole, place some glue on the dowel and place it in the hole. To hold it in place better, rotate the dowel a few times.

Step 5: Gather Parts

Now all the parts are done. colect them and move on to the next step.

Step 6: Assembly #1

Get the stock and the side panels and two screws. Put one side pannel down, place the stock on the pannel, put the last panel on top, and drill two holes for the screws. After that, screw in the screws.

Step 7: Assembly #2

Slide in the front of the gun and drill one hole for it. MAKE SURE ITS LINED UP!!!!! Side the gear tword the stock. Make sure the long part has enough room to rotate all the way around. Then drill the hole and put the screw in.

Step 8: How to Fire

Pull the front of the gun until the peg is upward. Than take a rubber band, slip it on the peg and make sure its on the bottom, than loop it on the gear. Repeat this for a while. Once done cock the lever back, hold the gear, and ether let go and let them fly, or shoot them by slightly moving the gear each time. Check out the pics and have fun!!!

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    No I haven't although I have thought about doing it. But the more you stretch the rubber band the farther it goes.(smaller the better but watch your fingers and eyes in case it snaps)