Simple Shadow Text With Paint PC Program



 This instructable will show you a simple way to make 3D text using only the Paint program on your PC.

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Step 1: Text Setting

open paint and click on the text button

Step 2: 1st Text

 type you desired text in the box
HINT. the thicker the text the better it looks, and also try to stay away from script text, they tend to not look as good

also black tends to look the best, any color lighter than black with go good with it, even just a slightly lighter shade

Step 3: 2nd Text

after you type the desired text, open a new text box and change the color, write the same word, not changing anything from the previous text settings. A color lighter than the previous tends to look better.

Step 4: Selection Tool

 click on the selection tool

Step 5: Invisible Tool

 select the invisible option on the left side on the very bottom of the tool bar, then select the lighter colored word with the selection tool

Step 6: Overlapping

 position the lighter color over the dark text, depending on position gives different shadow effects

Step 7: Experiment

 experiment with different text fonts, sizes, and colors

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