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Introduction: Simple Soldering Iron Cleaning Box

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I keep buying the cleaning pads for my soldering iron and when I have to clean the work bench up I put them somewhere safe, then I have to buy a new one!
So, I thought I would make a quick and above all cheap cleaning solution.

Parts required are simple:
A box
some metal scouring pads
A knife of sorts
A pen for detailing
Counter weights

Total cost was 59p

Step 1: Prepare the Box

Once you have emptied the box cut ALL tape and plastic away from where you are going to make the hole.

Then make a hole!
Mind your fingers ;-)

You have a couple of choices here, put a counter weight in the bottom of the box to allow hands free scrubbing or as I did simply pack away.
Put the scrubbing pads in the end nearest the hole and pack out any space with cardboard. Just try and avoid using anything that will melt.

Tape up the box and decorate if you feel the need.

Step 2: Cleaning

Once you have finished the complex build heat up the soldering iron.
Stick it in the hole and give it a good scrubbing.
The good news is that you won't burn your hands and you end up with a shiny tip ready for action.

Have fun :-)

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    It is the stainless steel scrubbing pads without the soap covering.
    (not like Brillo pads) I didn't want to gas myself every time I cleaned the soldering iron :)

    Simple and very effective!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I read those kind of pads damage the tip and the pads should be made out of brass. Is that not true?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Very true, brass is less abrasive but in all honesty these pads are so soft you can rub your fingers over / through them and they don't scratch.
    If I could find cheap brass ones i would replace them but as it is this is a simple cleaner (and very cheap!)