Simple Spring Clamps for Torch Light on Bicycle (3D Printing)




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This is a simple spring clamp for torch light and bicycle handle bar. I have attached the STL files, there are two parts:

Part 1: Torch light clamp with two stl files, clamplight1v1.stl and clamplight2v1.stl.

Part 2: Bicycle handle bar with two stl files, clampbar1v1.stl and clampbar2v1.stl.

The metal piece I use to hold the clamps together are taken from a piece of metal clothe hanger about 2.5mm thick. You just need to bend a pair of U shape metal pieces for each clamp.

You just need to modify the clamp diameter to fit your torch light and bicycle handle bar.

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    4 years ago

    Cool and simple design. I'll try this on the CNC.