Simple to Make Travel 'pillow' With Speaker

Introduction: Simple to Make Travel 'pillow' With Speaker

A small but comfortable travel 'pillow' with a microphone and speakers.

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Step 1: Things Needed

To make this, you need:
A Gamexpert DS case (or something similar)
On ear headphones (microphone optional)
Knife (not picture)
Small pliers (not pictured)
Tape (not pictured)

Step 2: Breaking the Headphones

First, break the plastic that would go over your head, then use the scissors to carefully attempt to cut the supports securing the speaker to the over-head bit. After you have done this, the plastic should come of with a little bit of 'gentle' persuasion. If you have a microphone, carefully cut it's supports, then the plastic around it. Be VERYcareful with the wires, because they are delicate, and will snap easily.

Step 3: Removing the Speakers.

Now, remove one of the speakers, preferably the one connected to the microphone. Very carefully cut the thin wire attached to the speaker, being careful not to cut the microphone's wire. Then, remove the plastic around it until all that is left is the speaker. Place the speaker that is still attached to the wire, and place it onto the case. Lightly draw around the plastic with the speaker, then, place the other speaker in the center of that outline and draw around it. Cut around this with the knife, and be carefull, please. Tidy this up with the pliers.

Step 4: Securing the First Speaker.

Line up the speaker, then tape it to the case, and be sure it won't fall off.

Step 5: The Microphone

Place the microphone inside the case, and mark where it needs to come out through the case. Once you've done this, use the knife to penetrate the case, and spin it to widen the hole.Once it is big enough to fit through, push it through, making sure the bit that collects sound is outside the case. Now, secure it with tape.

Step 6: The Wires.

Wrap the wires in a circle, then secure them together. Tape them inside the case.

Step 7: The Audio and Microphone Jacks

Creat two small holes using the knife, and insert the jacks. Stick them to the case using tape, and you're done!

Step 8: What It Should Look Like

The case can also hold your mp3 player. You can use this in a car, or on the train, if you hold it against the window.

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