Simple Waste Oil Burners Construction




These are a couple of very simple to construct waste oil burners.

They will run on anything from engine oil to veg, transmission fluid, Hydrulic and any other oil. You can warm up some animal fat or lard and they will be perfectly happy with that too!

The key to these burners is the air/ oil feed tube. It's just a bit of exhaust pipe with a 90o bend and a plate over the end to make the air come out sideways not straight. I have tested the design without the diffusion plate and it does work but startup is much harder and the burner is much more finicky on oil feed when controlling the output.

The oil is gravity fed from a high mounted container with a gate valve on the drum to control oil flow. The oil is dribbled into the end of the air inlet pipe and is simply blown into the burner by the incoming air from the blower. There are NO nozzles, pumps or anything else than the oil simply running out a bit of hose. Given the valve controls the fuel flow, there is no fixed fuel consumption. The more fuel ( and air) it gets, the more heat it produces, it's that simple. The pipe is about 1.75" and is not critical size. The larger the pipe the better the airflow and the more oxygen available to produce more heat. I have some larger pipe to make a bigger version of this blower.

A small amount of starting fluid is put in the burner or it can be started with a bunch of old rag or some burning sticks. The Blower is turned on low and restricted to limit the airflow and the oil added till the metal burn chamber gets hot and vaporises the oil. From there the oil and fuel can be opened up a the thing can be run flat out.

This design is very easy to light and burns very clean with no smoke at all unless the oil feed is grossly over supplied. Even then with a large amount of oil pooled in the bottom of the burn chamber, because the air feed is above the oil pool it still burns clean.

This same setup has been used in my furnace built from dirt. It is just the curved pipe with the deflector on the end.
You can see in other vids on my channel that I also turned the extinguisher bottle in the 2nd Vid on it's side and the thing ran perfectly well like that with no oil running out.

Nothing on these burners is critical. It is the principal that is important not the size of the components. The important thing to remember is the burner/ combustion chamber, whatever it is, needs to be HOT before adding the oil. In specific terms, 300oC+. that will allow the oil to change state from a liquid to a gas and burn.

These burners are like an engine. They can be put to many different uses and power many different things.
People have built them for everything from shed and greenhouse heaters to heating and melting metal, replacing gas burners in boilers and pool heaters and in furnaces.

This is to give you the idea of how to build the engine to put to work in the purpose you need.

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    6 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    what are you using as an air blower? what could we use?


    3 years ago

    that thing is spitting/dropping oil on the the oil spread during the movie.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    when they first start, and are getting to operating temperature, they can be a bit smokey. After about 5 min max, they should be burning clean, hot, and smoke free.

    There is a unique odor associated with all things that burn. It will smell slightly of burning oil. VERY slightly, if running clean, well filtered oil. Used cooking oil WILL NOT smell like french fries, no matter what people on the internet tell you. Used motor oil, and transmission fluid may have a slight metallic hint to the smell. That is the tiny metal particles burning. It is to be expected.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    As said, I can start mine all but totally smoke free. Takes less than 2 min for them to get to temp and they emit nothing but a warm air smell like comes from a gas fireplace or a clothes dryer.

    I don't get a fish and chips smell with Veg oil and I certainly don't get a metallic smell with engine oil. I have burned Lard and transmission oil and they all smell the same, just that warm air smell.
    I even put some coal in these vaporising types and there was only the faintest smell of that which you could only catch on occasion.

    Different burner designs may run different. I set all mine up so they will happily sustain with an excess air mix which means the cleanest combustion possible and no smell at all.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Everyone who hasn't used one seems to presume that but it isn't the case.
    I can light mine up and they put out less total smoke than a cigarette. There are several of my vids where you can clearly see this.

    When running they are totally clean, especially on this design that works really will with an excess of air that ensures all fuel is burned and there are no emissions.
    Sure, they can be smokey if you grossly over fuel them but I have run these burners in " Batch" mode starting with an amount of oil that will let them run many minutes and they still don't smoke or smell.