Simple Water Pump for the Backpack


Introduction: Simple Water Pump for the Backpack

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I created this simple pump to attach to a water bottle filter. I have bought pumps with filters for the backpack before but they always seem to break and often were bulky. This pump is cheap to make and adaptable.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

sharp knife

2 check valves
1 T fitting
air hose
silicon or rubber tubing
large syringe
a filter

The check valves, T fitting and air hose can be found anywhere that sells aquarium supplies.

The large syringe is for farm animals. I got that one at tractor supply. A rubber bulb could be substituted for the syringe.

The filter I used came from a water bottle.

Step 2: Cut the Hoses

Cut appropriate lengths of tubing and air hose.

I attached the check valves and T fitting closely together. These components are sized to fit aquarium air hose. The syringe also fit the air hose.

The filter has a larger fitting so the larger hose from the filter must be adapted to fit the check valve. This was easily achieved by cutting a small segment of air hose and putting it within the larger tube.

Step 3: Assemble Components

Assemble the components as shown in the picture. The flow direction of the check valves and filter should all be in the same direction.

I used two different color tubes to distinquish from the dirty and clean sides. The black side is the input and the clear side is the output.

Step 4: The Completed Pump and Filter Setup.

To use the pump:
Place the black tube into the unfiltered water and the clear tube in the bottle to fill.
Repeatedly draw liquid into the syringe and push it back out. The check valves will insure the liquid flows from the source to the container you are filling.

There is an extra piece shown in the images. It was a dirt filter from another setup I had. You could keep debris out of your tubes by putting a piece of material over the end of your input hose. A small rubber band could be used to attach it.



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