Simple Weatherproofing of IPhone

I was cooking this morning using my iPhone as a recipe book and I was thinking about how to keep my phone from getting wet and messy. It dawned on me the solution was so simple..

One ziptop sandwich bag.
One iPhone

Simply put the phone in the bag and use. Practical, and very effective.

Bags are plentiful
Instantly applicable to your phone when needed.
Leaves phone fully functional
Good protection from water and mess

Not particularly attractive
Some softening of focus of the camera, while in the bag

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    no idea is silly I went the hard way to keep
    mine dry saran wrap baggie would much


    9 years ago on Introduction

    what about: mud sllides, tornadoes, falling trees(from t-storms), earthquakes then its not very pading (for odd reason)

    2 replies

    You are right, a drop or a falling tree may cause some damage. I should have been more explicit in my description. Its just a phone in a bag, helps keep the water off if you have wet hands, or are otherwise in danger of becomming slightly wet(think rain) or wet nasty fish ( if you are a fish monger).


    9 years ago on Introduction

     Does it protect against: Avalanches, bad snowboarders, ice rains, hails, volcano eruptions, bad volcano riders and meteor shower?

    1 reply

    LOL you are so right, i doubt this would provide great protection from that, BUT it will keep you phone dry in many situations, and because the plastic is thin it allows conductivity from your fingers to operate the touch screen.

    I know its a pretty silly idea, and part of me thinks this was too stupid to post, but. its just an idea. I use it, thought I'd pass the idea along.