SimpleBot - a Lego Bot With Raspberry Pi at Heart

Introduction: SimpleBot - a Lego Bot With Raspberry Pi at Heart

SimpleBot is the simplest BrickPi model. With a total of 46 parts(most of them are connectors) and two motors. A minimalist design, it uses as few parts as possible. SimpleBot is a great place to start for a first robot with the BrickPi!

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Step 1: ​Bill of Materials:

Here is a detailed Bill of Materials. You can also download it in Excel format from our Github Repository

Step 2: ​Lego Digital Designer Building Model

We also put together a LEGO Digital Designer Model which makes building simplebot . . . simple.

Step 3: ​Sample Program:

We have 3 sample programs for the SimpleBot up on Github both in C and Python.

The simplebot_simple is the very basic robot and the best place for starters. In this you can control the bot with the ‘w’,'a’ ,’s', ‘d’ keys .

The simplebot_speed is the same as the simplebot_simple but adds speed control using ‘t’ and ‘g’ keys.

The simplebot_psp gives you the ability to control the simplebot using the joysticks on theMindsensors PSP controller

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    4 years ago

    How do you build it ??